Dan A. Fraioli photo

 Dan A. Fraioli, President and inventor of the HangLite System

Lighting has long been known to have a profound effect on the mood and physical performance of amateur and professional sports people. Harsh, glaring lights can actually induce feelings of unrest and discomfort; while evenly balanced, controlled lighting can have a calming and positive effect. That's the reason why proper lighting is of such critical importance in the sports arena where visual acuity is so closely related to successful performance.

Until the development of the Daft HangLite System of indirect lighting, poles, tubes and pipes were used to support lights and their housings. Those unsightly, distracting supports were, therefore, placed far from the playing area which caused uneven lighting intensity, coverage and balance. There were dark corners, hot spots and glare which very often affected the player's performance.

Today, the Daft HangLite System has already replaced the pole, tube and pipe-mounted systems in some of the largest and most prestigious sports club facilities in the country. These facilities include both air-supported and conventional buildings.

Many recent attempts have been made by imitators to provide an indirect lighting system equal to the Daft HangLite, but unfortunately the lighting output can not compete with the patent pending Daft HangLite fixture. A cross section of other imitations will clearly show how the design obstructs the fixture from throwing out the light needed for providing maximum foot candles to the playing field.