The DAFT HangLite system ...

  ... the most advanced indirect all-sports
lighting system for air structures
and conventional buildings.

The HangLite System was invented by Dan Fraioli, Jr. , president of ASATI. Dan worked with DAFT engineers, sport club owners and with Sylvania Lamp Division engineers to develop a dramatically new concept in lighting technology. The results of Dan's efforts may be seen today in a long list of sports facilities now playing professional sports under the Daft HangLite system.

HangLites Installation

The Daft HangLite System can save up to 30% on lighting bills while providing 100% more light. This is accomplished by means of the exclusively designed HangLite Components.

Both air structures and conventional buildings with reflective ceilings can benefit from the rugged fixture design and high efficiency of the Daft HangLite System.

 The HangLite System Graphic