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Welcome to our Home Page. DAFT Electrical Supplies and Services Inc. are pioneers in today's most advanced indirect all-sports lighting system for air structures and conventional buildings... The Hanglite System.

The patented Hanglite System of indirect lighting may be installed in any air-supported fabric structure or any conventional structure with an interior reflective fabric liner. The hanglite system saves up to 30% on lighting bills while providing 100% more light. And there are no hazardous poles or ceiling rods. Easy seasonal hanging or take-down is accomplished by means of permanently installed wires and connectors in ceiling fabric.

Our extensive list of Hanglite installations include the NY Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Rutgers University , the University of Maryland and Georgia Tech. University. We've illuminated 146 private indoor tennis clubs, 16 indoor golf facilities, 22 multiple sports facilities (including family entertainment centers), nine major hotel resorts and three New York City schools. More than 40 new facilities in the past year include a practice structure for the New York Jets.

Need financing? Check out our financing/leasing programs. By filling out the questionaire, you and your customers can enjoy the same unmatched quality of lighting as facilities around the world. We also offer complete club renovations including design and planning, reflective interior insulation systems, divider curtains and netting, court resurfacing and sports padding.

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